2011-12 PAC SAAC Representatives

Bethany College
Renee Shepherd
 Ryan Summers

Advisor: Tim Weaver

Thiel College

Kraig Smith

Alec Miller
 Advisor: Craig Thurber

Chatham University
Abby Brennan

Rachel Leftwich
 Advisor: Jamie Retersdorf

Thomas More College

Andrew Clements
Paul Uhl
 Advisor: Lindsay Bramhall

Geneva College

 Mary Keen

Kristland McCracken
 Advisor: Linda Sumner

Washington & Jefferson College
Hannah Shaner
 Advisor: Fred Wallace

Grove City College
Nick Philpot
 Advisor: Eric Potter

Waynesburg University

Jordan Barton
 Samantha Styche
 Advisor: Sam Jones

Saint Vincent College

 Sara Berger

Michael Stevens
 Advisor: Becky Stewart/ Josh Gurekovich

Westminster College
Mike Barringer

 Brittany Grabski

James Gross
 Advisor: Jim Dafler

2011-12 Officers
President: Hannah Shaner -Washington & Jefferson

Vice President: Ryan Summers - Bethany


2012-13 Officers

President: Hannah Shaner -Washington & Jefferson

Vice President: Aaron Wilkinson - Saint Vincent

Presidents' Athletic Conference/Capital Athletic Conference NCAA SAAC Representative
Elizabeth Tollett - Salisbury University (2010-12)
Katelyn Vannoy - Washington & Jefferson College (2012-15)

 PAC SAAC Advisors
Joe Onderko - PAC Executive Director
Shannon O'Brien - PAC Associate Director

NCAA Division III Week (April 9-15, 2012)

PAC Celebrates D-III Week



Washington  & Jefferson

PAC SAAC and NCAA SAAC Initiatives
Pittsburgh Polar Bear Plunge  - Video (winter of 2011)

Habitat for Humanity (2008-09)


PAC Campus Initiatives/Events

WES/GEN - City Rescue

W&J - Relay for Life

W&J - Food Bank

WES - Field Day

2011-12 SAAC Scholar-Athlete of the Month









Previous Years' SAAC Scholar-Athletes of the Month

PAC Team Sportsmanship Awards
The PAC Team Sportsmanship Award, sponsored by the PAC SAAC, was started in the 2008-09 sports season and is an effort to recognize and encourage positive sportsmanship among conference teams.

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PAC SAAC Constitution

Article I


  1. To streamline and promote efficient communication between member schools of the Presidents’ Athletic Conference (PAC) and their student-athlete population.

  2. To provide the student-athlete population of member schools with an opportunity to more effectively communicate with the PAC Student-Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC) and member school SAAC’s and to provide suggestions for programs designed to serve their needs.

  3. To actively encourage more involvement of the student-athletes in campus and community projects.

  4. To design and implement programs which will encourage academic achievement, health promotion, social responsibility, and general awareness.

Article II


The membership shall be composed of one member or one alternate from each PAC school.  Each member school will determine the representative.  Each member will serve as a liaison between the PAC SAAC and their individual school.


The PAC representative for the NCAA SAAC will be selected from current members of the PAC SAAC.



Minimum requirements for the PAC SAAC membership are:

Article III


  1. The SAAC shall meet twice during the year, once the first Thursday of November and again the first Thursday of April.

  2. Each PAC school is required to send one representative to each meeting.

  3. The Executive Board reserves the right to call additional meetings when necessary.

Article IV

1. Executive Board and Duties:

    A. President

  1. Presides over meetings.

  2. Serves as liaison to the Presidents’ Council and the Athletic Director’s Council of the PAC. If the President cannot attend, the Vice-President or Secretary of the PAC SAAC or a  representative from the host school will attend.

  3. Can call special meetings as needed.

    B. Vice President

  1. Help the president preside over the meetings.

  2. Performs duties of the president when the president is unable to do so, such as representation at the Presidents' Council or the Athletic Director's Council.

    C. Secretary

  1. Keeps written records, including attendance and active minutes, of all PAC SAAC meetings.

  2. Performs such duties that are incidental to the office and are required by the office by the council.

  3. Disseminates materials.


2. Terms of Office

  1. All officers shall serve for a term of one year.

  2. An officer shall be eligible for reelection for a consecutive term providing he/she meets PAC SAAC eligibility.

Article V


  1. Each school has only one vote.

  2. The majority of members present decide the vote.

  3. Four member schools must be present for a quorum.

  4. In case of a tie there will be a revote.  If a tie remains the issue is defeated.

Article VI


Amendments to this constitution must be introduced to the co-presidents for distribution 40 days prior to the next meeting.  Voting shall occur at the meeting following introduction, with the amendment taking effect following that PAC SAAC approval.

Amendments must be distributed to members at least 30 days prior to the next PAC SAAC meeting.